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The general purpose web server

I’ve heard it said before that Apache is a “general purpose web server” and Nginx is for “specialized applications”.  This meme was repeated recently by Jim Jagielski, president of the Apache Software … Continue reading

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Apache 2.4 – fast or fastest?

The world is sort of abuzz with talk of Apache 2.4, the first major release of the venerable open source HTTP server in years.  Okay, not really so much buzz. … Continue reading

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Nginx, uWSGI and WsgiDAV

Ran through this tonight. WSGI isn’t the prettiest thing on earth and the uWSGI docs don’t help clarify it much.  I’m sure some stuff here could be simplified a bit, … Continue reading

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What features are missing in Nginx?

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How I “discovered” Nginx

I’ve been using Nginx since the early days. Prior to that, I’d used Apache, Lighttpd, and Pound as solutions for my webserver stack. This is an old story, but it … Continue reading

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uWSGI 1.1

This release focuses on a new option parser subsystem, improved perl/psgi and ruby/rack support and a new (stable) php plugin. A lot of optimizations have been introduced for the fastrouter and the … Continue reading

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ngx_supervisord 1.4

FRiCKLE Labs and MegiTeam have released version 1.4 of ngx_supervisord, which provides Nginx with an API for communicating with supervisord.  This provides some nice features like auto-starting backend services on … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Nginx support .htaccess files?

This is a common question for people coming from Apache, especially if they are attempting to run software that relies heavily on them. The short answer is that .htaccess files … Continue reading

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